Where are we heading to – Our Next Move!

Our startup went into silent mode for quite sometime. We were working at the backend to decide the future and next immediate steps for F-infotech in search of pursuing our mission and vision.

Our past efforts taught us many valuable lessons on what shouldn’t be done and the importance of doing  on-field work along with social media marketing efforts at Tier 2 & 3 places.

Our goal and mission remains the same and sound – Providing atleast one opportunity for everybody to express their skills and realize true potential with Digital literacy as a platform.

We are making changes in the way we purse our journey towards our mission. Instead of preparing curriculum’s and using it as empowerment tool. We have decided to conduct small but effective and rigorous campaigns to help people learn or sharpen their Digital literacy skills.

We are in talk with like-minded organisations and should be able to give a detailed updates early next month.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions let us know.


Team F-infotech

*Let’s Inspire One Billion People Before We Die”

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