Digital Literacy – Research & Digital Competence

There areĀ  lot of research around DigitalĀ  Literacy going on and new findings coming up everyday. Research plays a vital role in all aspects of Digital skills, Digital empowerment and Digital Inclusion as it helps to deal with human elements better.

Digital Literacy Researchers explore variety of topics on how people deal, find, use, evaluate, create and communicate with Digital information using Digital technologies.




Research is carried out in variety of topics and areas related to Digital Literacy. Usually, Research encompasses on,

  1. Variety of Hardware platforms
    1. Computer
    2. Mobile Phones
    3. Cell Phones

Idea behind research on hardware platforms is to understand the behavior, opportunities, challenges and threats for human elements to interact or use these devices to access Digital information. Betterment in User- experience and User-friendliness can be achieved through research findings from this area.

2. Variety of Software or Applications

  1. Web Search
  2. Internet

In this area, the different core elements of Digital literacy is carefully analyzed. Findings are used to make the product or service better by matching personal, group or community interest.

The two classifications of research clearly shows that, “Digital Literacy is much broader than how people use computers” – it deals with Digital technology and Human elements using it.

Digital Competence:

In Scandinavian English and OECD research preferred the use of Digital Competence over Digital Literacy.

In terms of Competence, Digital Literacy is the lowest level with progression that spans around Literacy, Fluency and Mastery.


However, in terms of academic, Digital Literacy is considered as a part of computing subject.

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