Essential Elements for a Digital Literacy

The different sub literacies of digital literacy can be grouped together into what is known as Essential Elements of Digital Literacy.  Having these essential elements will enable an individual to be a digital literate.



The eight essential elements are,

  1. Cultural
  2. Cognitive
  3. Constructive
  4. Communicative
  5. Confidence
  6. Creative
  7. Critical and
  8. Civic

Cultural:- Use of technology in different context having awareness about the values and concept specific to a context. Having cultural element is crucial when sharing information targeting or focusing on a particular group.

Cognitive:- Gaining expertise in a digital tool will help the person to become more Digital Literate. In end of the process, person will also master the use of technology.

Constructive:- Re-using or remixing of existing resources depending on the need or adapting them into a new resources. Through construction, person creates new data and share it with others digitally.

Communicative:- Awareness about the usage of different communication devices in the digital world. A digitally literate person communicate in several ways in digital world.

Confidence:- refers to gaining competence with digital technologies and ability to create an environment to learn and practice skills.

Creative:- refers to creation of new data in digital environment based on personal interest. It emphasis on taking risks while developing search skills and producing new things.

Critical:- Digital world is a place where it is important to see things from different dimensions before concluding or believing something. Critical thinking is the ability to develop different perceptions about the given information or context.

Civic:- refers to developing and acquiring concepts of democracy and global citizenship through digital technology. Helps in the participation of individual in the society better by having access to proper information at right time & place.

Implementation of these elements for individuals need constant updating and upgrading as digital information and tools changes based on ones understanding.

Digital Literacy is the key aspect to enable individuals to fully participate in digital economy, democratic process and knowledgeably engage in debates related to network society.


Digital and Media literacy are seen as important life skills that are necessary to fully participate in media and digital information rich society.


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