Digital Literacy and 21st century skills

Digital literacy requires certain skill set that are interdisciplinary. There are three set of such skills and they are,


  1. Information, Media and Technology – refers to the need for acquiring competence in Information and Media literacy
  2. Learning and Innovation – this skill set can be further divided into four what we call it as 21st century skills
    1. Creativity and Innovation
    2. Critical thinking and Problem solving
    3. Communication &
    4. Collaboration
  3. Life and Career – this skill set refers to ability to exercise,
    1. Flexibility
    2. Adaptability
    3. Initiative and self direction
    4. social and cross cultural skills
    5. Leadership

At a digital literacy research, found the existence of five types of literacies with in the umbrella of Digital Literacy.

  1. Photo visual Literacy – ability to read and deduce information from visuals
  2. Reproduction Literacy – ability to use digital technology to create a new work or combine existing work to make it as your own work
  3. Branching Literacy – ability to successfully and correctly navigate in digital space
  4. Information Literacy – ability to search, locate, assess and critically evaluate information found on the web
  5. Socio-emotional Literacy – refers to social and emotional aspect of being present online


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