Digital Literacy in Education

Education sector continuously taking efforts and making changes to their curriculum for Digital Literacy to keep up with the rapid technology developments. Even schools have started taking efforts for Digital Literacy to their students.


This includes,

  1. Use of computer at classroom
  2. Use of educational software to teach curriculum
  3. Making study materials available online for students

Some classrooms use smart boards and audience response systems but they are effective only when the teacher or educator is a digital literate and will to use digital technology at work.

Teachers teach digital literacy skills to students by making them to search and research for information using computers. Two such important skills are,

  1. Identifying credible sources
  2. how to cite websites

Search engines like Google and information media like wikipedia are being extensively used by students for “Everday life research”

Educators and teachers having certified in Digital Literacy enabling them to effectively,

  1. Teach or teach using a particular software
  2. Prevent Plagiarism – practice of saying others work as one’s own work.

Now, tell us the other ways you know where Digital Literacy is used in Education.


3 thoughts on “Digital Literacy in Education

  1. Saran Kumar Reply

    Nowadays, schools giving projects to be done at home. Which enables students to visit technical channels(I.e. how stuffs, instructables, etc.) in online.

    • Gauthamraj Post authorReply

      Yes, it is a positive move. But, most times the real goals of giving such work isn’t fulfilled. Either parents or some shop vendors completed the work and give it students. What do you think?

  2. saran kumar Reply

    Yes, it is happening even in university level but even though it paves the way to new innovators. Mentors of those projects should take them to next level.

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