Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

Digital natives are those who are born into the digital age or computer age. Digital Immigrants are those who adopts technology later in life. But, simply being Digital native doesn’t mean they are Digital Literates.


Digital Immigrants will be able to adopt technology in the same way digital natives do but will show certain restrictions the way they communicate in comparison to digital natives.

Technology has changed the way students read, write and percept information and research has proven that this change is due to malleable nature of human brain. This change, made it difficult for today’s educators and teachers in finding effective methods for teaching to digital natives.

Digital Immigrants might resist teaching digital literacy because they themselves didn’t thought by that way. At present, majority of the teachers are Digital Immigrants resulting in natural resistance towards Digital Literacy.

Today’s students are speaking entirely new language than the ones educating them

Now, tell us are you a Digital Immigrant willing to teach Digital Literacy or not? Are you a Digital Native having all attributes to be a Digital literate?

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