Digital Visitors, Residents & Digital Writing

Digital Visitors are those who leaves no traces of their online presence. Digital Residents are those who live a portion of their lives online. Unlike, Digital natives and Immigrants these two are classified on behavior while the former is based on the time of adoption of technology. An individual can demonstrate the behaviors of a visitor and resident according to the situation or context.


Digital Writing:

Digital writing is a teaching method about the impact of technology on the writing environment. It focuses writing environment as a whole not just simply using computer to write.

At present, this type of composition is being taught to students within the universities. Digital writing enable students to explore modern technologies and learn how different writing spaces affects,

  1. Meaning
  2. Audience and
  3. Readability of the text

The goal is to increase the ability of students to produce highly relevant and quality products instead of standard products.

Digital writing is important because,

Technology fundamentally changes how writing is produced, delivered and received.

Hypertext is one the key aspects of digital writing letting user to explore relevant information if they are interested. Digital writing also requires the writer to make unique “Decision regarding linking and omission”.

Now, tell us, what is your personal opinion about the importance of Digital Writing?



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